Iguana Hat Band

The Blues Society's mission is to increase the awareness of and appreciation for America’s original and unique musical form known as “The Blues”.

Through educational programs for youth and promotion of live events within our community, WWBS is dedicated to keeping in touch with our American musical heritage.

Visit the WWBS web site here.

The Society welcomes new members, donated instruments, and your participation as a volunteer.

Links to Other Great Sites

Melody Muffler is a proud sponsor of the Walla Walla Blues Society.  Visit Melody Muffler here.

Mike Hammond is the President of the Walla Walla Blues Society and owner of Melody Muffler. He has been and is an important promoter of music in Walla Walla.  Visit his personal web site here.  For more information on bands and venues in Walla Walla visit Wallawallamusic.com here.